Surrounded by Washington, D.C.’s rich social environment, undergraduate students in the Sociology Department develop skills in sociological observation and quantitative analysis, apply theory to practical problems, conduct research and engage in service projects with the community. We offer majors and minors in sociology and criminal justice, as well as degrees in human services through the Human Services and Social Justice Program, housed within the Sociology Department. For ambitious students, we also offer combined undergraduate/graduate degree options.

Undergraduate students can diversify their sociology studies with writing-intensive courses, honors options, research opportunities and service-learning internships in the community.





Senior Capstone

Elizabeth Lane stands in front of a research poster
Elizabeth Lane, BA '18, presented her capstone research at GW Research Days and won the Sustainability Award for Undergraduate Students.

The senior capstone project provides students with an opportunity to explore a sociological topic of interest in depth and prepare a scholarly research paper. All majors in each of the three sociology programs (Sociology, Criminal Justice and Human Services and Social Justice) must complete a senior research capstone or seminar. Each major has its own required course to complete the project.

Senior capstone projects integrate research and real-world applications, with some requiring an internship component conducted at a local organization. The capstone includes a research proposal, literature review and final project.


"My GW degree opened the door to graduate school as well as the professional world ... I felt so inspired to see more outside of the U.S. and do more for the international community than I ever thought I could."

Sara Ortega Roliz
BA ’03

Sara Ortega Roliz, BA '03