Combined Programs

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The Department of Sociology offers several combined degree programs for students interested in further study in sociology, criminology or public administration. Combined undergraduate/graduate programs allow students to complete the graduate degree on an accelerated timeline by completing some graduate credits as part of the undergraduate program. Most full-time students finish both degrees in five years.

Contact the Sociology Department’s director of graduate studies with questions about combined degrees.


Department Guidelines for Applying to Combined Degree Programs


Program Options


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Application Process

1. Apply directly to the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), [email protected].

  • An online application in the GWU Student Portal is not required.
  • You do not need to complete the GRE nor do you need to pay an application fee.

2. Submit the following materials to the DGS:

  • Statement of purpose
    • Your statement of purpose should be a well-written document of about 250-400 words that explains why you want to get an MA in Sociology or Criminology. Discuss how you would benefit from the Master’s (e.g. research, career aspirations), how you would contribute to our program, and any aspect of our department (e.g. classes, faculty research interests) that meet your goals. Note other background and accomplishments if relevant (e.g. collegiate, professional, and community activities). Avoid key life moment ‘stories’ unless they help to explain your goals.
  • Letters of recommendation
    • Three letters of recommendations from professors whose class(es) you have taken; two of these should be from Sociology Department courses. A fourth letter from a non-academic source, e.g. athletic coach or employer, is optional.
    • Letters are sent directly from the recommender to the DGS at [email protected]. Candidates do not see these letters.
  • Writing sample
    • Choose a well-written example of your writing, preferably relating to your current major and/or intended masters.. Course papers are appropriate, as are other genres
  • Resume
  • Unofficial undergraduate transcript(s)
  • Combined degree application form

3. With the exception of the letters of recommendation, send all material in one email to [email protected] with an appropriate subject line. If possible, please combine all the documents in a PDF with the exception of the Combined Degree Application Form.

4. You are encouraged but not required to meet with the DGS for further information and to discuss your application.