Graduate Student Resources

The Department of Sociology offers professional guidance, academic support and funding resources to make the student experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.





Department Advisors

All incoming graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of their first semester. Students should meet with their advisor early in the first semester to discuss their program of study.


Thesis Advisors

Students completing a thesis (required for MA in Sociology; optional for MA in Criminology) select a thesis director during their third semester. Criminology students who opt for the comprehensive exam instead of thesis retain their original faculty advisor.


CCAS Advising

The Columbian College Office of Graduate Studies offers additional advising resources and guidance, including a designated coordinator for the Sociology Department, Rebecca Burns. For more support, consult the Master’s Student Handbook on the CCAS Graduate Studies page.


Departmental Awards

Excellence in Graduate Research and Writing

The Sociology Department awards one graduate student each year in recognition of excellent research and writing on their master’s thesis.

  • 2022: Charles Parkhurst and Rhiannon Roberts
  • 2019: Jacqueline Groccia
  • 2018: Erica Henderson
  • 2017: Robert Donoghue
  • 2016: Angela Lee


Professional Associations

National and regional professional associations in sociology offer students opportunities for academic conference presentations, career networking, local events and discussions with fellow scholars about relevant sociological issues and research.

National Groups

Local Groups




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