Law & Society Minor Course Requirements

Note: Students must apply to this selective program.

Admission to this minor requires completion a minimum 3.3 GPA based on at least 30 credits of coursework at GW.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

Achievement of a minimum grade of C- in any course that counts toward the minor.

18 credits, including 6 credits in required courses and 12 credits in elective courses.

No more than two courses from any one department may be used to fulfill this minor, except SOC 2988, if chosen.

SOC 2167Sociology of Law
UW 2031Equality and the Law
or UW 2031W Equality and the Law
One course selected from the following:
PHIL 3142Philosophy of Law
PSC 2214U.S. Constitutional Law and Politics I
PSC 2215U.S. Constitutional Law and Politics II
Three courses (9 credits), which may be any of the two remaining courses listed immediately above and/or the courses listed below. *
ACCY 3601Business Law: Contracts, Torts, and Property
ACCY 4601Business Law: Enterprise Organization
BADM 4101Business Ethics and the Legal Environment
ECON 3190Law and Economics
HIST 3370U.S. Constitutional History
MAE 3171Patent Law for Engineers
PSC 2213Judicial Politics
PSC 2230Law and Justice: The View from Hollywood
PSC 2367Human Rights
PSC 2444Public International Law
PUBH 3115Global Health and Human Rights
PUBH 3136Health Law
SMPA 2173Media Law
SOC 2145Criminal Law
SOC 2146The Bill of Rights and Criminal Justice
SOC 2988Internship in Law and Society
WGSS 3470Sexuality and the Law

Students may take a maximum of two courses from any one department (except for SOC 2988). No more than two courses may be counted both for this minor and any other major or minor.