Student and Alumni Research


Rhiannon Roberts (MA'21)

Despite understanding the long-term risks associated with early substance use, less is known about the specific patterns of the age of onset (AO) across multiple substances and whether these patterns of early exposure are linked to substance use later in young adulthood. Consequently, the present study sought to (1) identify distinct classes regarding AO for alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco and (2) compare these classes on patterns of individual and simultaneous alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco use, other substance use, and mental health symptoms.


For more on this topic, you can read Rhiannon's piece "Alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco polysubstance use: A latent profile analysis of age of onset" here.

Lauren Diaz Quintana (MA'22)

I was inspired to the reflections that follow by Dr. Cecilia Menjívar’s February inaugural address as president-elect of the American Sociological Association, reprised here as “Immigration Policy, Legal Status & Enforcement through Three Decades of Research among Central American Immigrants in the United States”, and by the article she co-authored with Dr. Andrea Gómez Cervantes, “Legal Violence, Health, and Access to Care: Latina Immigrants in Rural and Urban Kansas”. The former is an overview of the emotional, physical, and material stresses experienced by Latino immigrants to the U.S. as a result of increasingly hostile and arbitrary laws, policies, and enforcement practices beginning in the 1980s and accelerating in the administration of Donald Trump.

For more on this topic, you can read Lauren's piece "Response to Menjívar" here.

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More Research

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