Criminal Justice Minor Course Requirements

Note: A student majoring in criminal justice may not declare a minor in sociology.

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

Achievement of a minimum grade of C- in any course that counts toward the minor.

18 credits, including 12 credits in required courses and 6 credits in elective courses.

SOC 1001Introduction to Sociology
or SOC 1002 The Sociological Imagination
SOC 1003Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOC 2136Criminology
SOC 2145Criminal Law
Two courses (6 credits) selected from the following; at least one course must be in Sociology (SOC).
AMST 1160Race, Gender, and Law
ANTH 3513Anthropology of Human Rights
or ANTH 3513W Anthropology of Human Rights
ECON 2167Economics of Crime
FORS 2107Fundamentals of Forensic Science
HIST 2341History of FBI Counterintelligence
HIST 3370U.S. Constitutional History
PSC 2213Judicial Politics
PSC 2215U.S. Constitutional Law and Politics II
PSYC 2011Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 2554Psychology of Crime and Violence
SOC 2135Youth and Delinquency
SOC 2137Transnational Crime
SOC 2139Alternatives to Imprisonment
SOC 2143Criminal Justice System Arrest Through Appeal
SOC 2146The Bill of Rights and Criminal Justice
SOC 2164Sociology of the Holocaust and Genocide
SOC 2167Sociology of Law
or SOC 2167W Sociology of Law
SOC 2178Deviance and Control
SOC 2184Violence and the Family
SOC 2185Victims, Victimization, and the System
SOC 2189Special Topics in Criminal Justice

Note: A student majoring in sociology may not declare a second major or a minor in criminal justice, or vice versa. 

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