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The Department of Sociology offers several options for students interested in combining sociology with another field of study: a Minor in Sociology, a Minor in Criminal Justice, a Minor in Law and Society and a Minor in Human Services and Social Justice. From deviant behavior to sociology and sports, course material demonstrates the many facets of human social structure and activity.

Note: Some minors require GPA minimums. Visit the How to Declare a Major or Minor section for details.



Options for the Minor 


The Minor in Sociology is a popular choice for students majoring in political science, psychology, forensic sciences and a variety of other fields. The highly flexible curriculum includes just two core courses, which introduce students to basic sociological theory as well as the “sociological imagination” and how it connects to public issues surrounding race, gender, inequality and education. The remaining 12 credits can be chosen from electives including Social Problems in American Society, Techniques of Data Analysis, Sociology of Immigration, Sociology of Religion and more. Note: Criminal justice majors cannot pursue a Minor in Sociology. 

Sociology Minor Course Requirements

Criminal Justice

The Minor in Criminal Justice offers students a window into the historical development of criminal justice and its evolution into modern legal systems. Course material includes fundamental principles of sociological theory and criminal law, and students closely examine the social, legal and cultural conditions affecting the nature of crime. The curriculum requires two electives, one of which may be from a department outside of sociology, allowing students to incorporate fields such as anthropology, political science, history and public policy. Note: Sociology majors cannot pursue a Minor in Criminal Justice. 

Criminal Justice Minor Course Requirements

Law and Society

The interdisciplinary Minor in Law and Society offers an excellent opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the place of law in society. The minor is suitable for students interested in law school and those who wish to understand legal reasoning, conduct legal research, pursue an internship in law or simply communicate what the law says and how it works. Electives include Business Law and Ethics, Media Law and Sexuality and Law. This is a selective minor, and students must apply through the department. Application requirements include a GPA of 3.3 and completion of at least 30 credit hours at GW. Please email [email protected] with any questions!

Human Services and Social Justice

For more information on the Human Services and Social Justice minor, visit the Human Services and Social Justice Program website for details.