Curriculum Change FAQ List

Will SOC 4192/93 still be offered? 

No. Beginning in Fall 2024, SOC 4192/93 will be eliminated.  Students will instead choose between SOC 4195W and SOC 4196. 

How does the new curriculum change my credit hours?

Total credit hour requirements for CJ majors will be reduced from 42 credits to 39 credits. This is a 3 credit hour difference. Depending on your degree plan you may need to take university electives to reach the 120 credit hour requirement for a bachelors degree.

Can I take both options?

No. Beginning in Fall 2024, students must register for one option to complete their major. 

Will I only have to take one of these options? Or will I need to take another elective in addition to one of the options?

Beginning in Fall 2024, to fulfill the major requirement students will need to take either SOC 4196 or SOC 4195W. No additional course requirements are being added. 

Does my applied experience have to be in criminal justice? And are there any limitations to what is accepted as my experience?

Yes, the experience must be CJ-oriented. The applied experience may deal with the CJ system from many perspectives (e.g., reform, challenge, within the system, victims, policing, courts, punishment), but it cannot be focused on civil law, electoral politics, social service provisions, or other issues that do not center crime, criminal law, and criminal systems.

Are there any prerequisites or restrictions for SOC 4196?

Yes. Students will need to have completed SOC 2145 (Criminal Law) or SOC 2143 (CJ System Arrest through Appeal) before taking SOC 4196. Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible to take SOC 4196. 

Are there any prerequisites or restrictions for SOC 4195W?

Yes. Students will need to have completed SOC 2101 (Social Research Methods) AND either SOC 2136 (Criminology) or SOC 2178 (Deviance and Control) before taking SOC 4195W. Criminal Justice students looking to take this option in Fall 2024 should fill out an RTF EZ and send it to [email protected] to receive approval.

If I am graduating in May 2024, do I need to take either of these options?

No. These options are only for those graduating Fall 2024 and beyond. If you are graduating before then you must either complete SOC 4192/93 OR substitute two additional elective courses. 

What if I already took the two additional elective courses for the waiver? 

If you have already completed the two additional elective courses in lieu of SOC 4192/93, but are not graduating until Fall 2024 or later. Please reach out to Dr. Ivy Ken ASAP so that we can ensure that your waiver is applied/honored.

What semesters will each course be offered? 

SOC 4195W and 4196 will be offered during both semesters during the academic year. Summer options may be available for SOC 4196, but it is not guaranteed.

Where can I look for internship guidance? 

Please refer to our academic & professional resource page for a list of potential internship locations. At this time we do not have established community partners who provide internships every semester to our students. Our listserv sends internship opportunities out as they are sent to us. Please email [email protected] to be added to the listserv if you are not currently on it. 

If I take SOC 4195W am I eligible for departmental honors?

Yes. Please refer to our honors page for specific guidance on what is required.