Fran Buntman

Fran Buntman

Fran Buntman

Assistant Professor of Sociology

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Office Phone: (202) 994-7465
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Fran Buntman’s primary teaching and research interests focus on prisons and other institutions of punishment and power, especially in the United States and South Africa. A faculty member at the Department of Sociology at George Washington University (GWU) since 2002, she studies resistance and law to understand and change inequities and injustice. These themes are core to her book, Robben Island and Prisoner Resistance to Apartheid (Cambridge, 2003) and her recent journal article “Prison and Law, Repression and Resistance: Colonialism and Beyond” (2019). She centers committed teaching and mentoring students along with a pedagogy that integrates theory and practice, including through public engagement and advancing student-led policy change. Dr. Buntman is an institutional leader; she serves as Sociology’s Director of Graduate Studies and directs the interdisciplinary Law and Society Minor which she was instrumental in creating. She has been recognized for her research, teaching, and advising work through multiple awards. Fran Buntman maintains an active research agenda, currently ranging from the manifestos of mass shooters to prisoner reentry. Born in South Africa where anti-apartheid politics and being Jewish shaped her life, she was educated at the University of the Witwatersrand, Brandeis University, and the University of Texas at Austin. She is now happily a 20-year resident of Washington, D.C., a proud mom of DC high school seniors, and grateful for a diaspora of family and friends.

Inequality, law, power, prisons, punishment, race, resistance, social change, South Africa

Sentencing reform and mass incarceration

Mandela and law

Prison, law, and resistance

Undergraduate Courses:
SOC 1000 - Prisons and Punishment: International Fact, Film, and Fiction (Dean's Seminar)
SOC 1003 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOC 2145 - Criminal Law
SOC 2167 - Sociology of Law
SOC 2181 - (Special Topics) South Africa: A Political Sociology
SOC 2189 - (Special Topics in Criminal Justice) Corrections and Punishment
CPS 2101 - The Criminal Justice System

Graduate Courses:
SOC 625
7 - Gender and Criminal Justice
SOC 6262 - Corrections



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PhD University of Texas at Austin, 1997