Antwan Jones

Director of Graduate Studies & Associate Professor of Sociology
409 C
Address: Phillips Hall
801 22nd St NW
Washington DC,
Mobile: 202-994-0266
[email protected]

Trained as a social demographer, Professor Jones specializes in issues relating to race/ethnicity, social class and health. As an urban sociologist, he is particularly concerned about socio-environmental processes (e.g., segregation and neighborhood change) that affect health and well-being during various stages of the life course.

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Current Research

With Hiromi Ishizawa, Professor Jones received a publication grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the project, "Parental Acculturation and Child Obesity Risk."

Professor Jones received a two-year Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant for the project, "Residential Instability and Adolescent Obesity: The Role of the Built Environment."

Professor Jones was selected as a 2011-2012 Policy Research Scholar at the George Washington Institute of Public Policy for the project, "Childhood Residential Stability and Health: The Role of Neighborhood Resources."

With Diana Grigsby-Toussaint (University of Illinois), Professor Jones received a publication grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to conduct a GIS spatial analysis of the areas around all childcare facilities in central Illinois to determine how the social and built environment elevates child obesity risk.


PhD Bowling Green State University, 2010


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Classes Taught

Undergraduate Courses: 
SOC 1000 - Dean's Seminar: Healthy Cities, Globalization & Urban Policy
SOC 1001 - Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2101 - Social Research Methods
SOC 2102 - Techniques of Data Analysis
SOC 2169 - Urban Sociology
SOC 2179 - Race and Minority Relations

Graduate Courses:
SOC 6250 - Urban Sociology
SOC 6290 - Principles of Demography