Zimife Umeh

Zimife Umeh

Zimife Umeh

Co-Director of the Law & Society Program

Core Faculty


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Dr. Zimife Umeh is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at The George Washington University. She received her degrees from Duke University and University of Pittsburgh. She has published research on school discipline and educational attainment. Her current research focuses on the processes and mechanisms that criminalize working-class Black women. Specifically, she explores how institutions transform victimized Black women and girls into “criminals” who need to be punished and reformed. Her research asks two central questions: 1) what role do institutions play in Black women's pathways to the criminal justice system? And 2) how do social institutions rely upon racialized and gendered criminalization processes to stigmatize, marginalize, and punish Black women.

Umeh, Zimife, John Bumpus, Angel Harris. 2020. “The Impact of Suspension on Participation in School-Based Extracurricular Activities and Out-of-School Community Service.” Social Science Research 85:1023542

Bumpus, John, Zimife Umeh, Angel Harris. 2020. “The Role of Social Class in Educational Attainment: Do Blacks Benefit Less from Increases in Parent & Social Class Status?” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 6(2):223-241

Ph.D. in Sociology, Duke University, 2020
Master of Arts in Sociology, Duke University, 2017
Bachelor of Science in Finance, University of Pittsburgh, 2009
Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies, University of Pittsburgh, 2009