Steven A. Tuch

Professor of Sociology and Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration
409 B
Phillips Hall
801 22nd St. NW
Washington DC 20052
[email protected]

Steven Tuch's teaching and research proceed along two, often intersecting, tracks. One track is substantive, focusing on issues and problems related to race and ethnic relations, social stratification and inequality, and mobility. He is especially interested in whites' and blacks' racial attitudes, changes in these attitudes over time, and explanations for the changes; and in the political and economic transformations in Eastern Europe. The other track is methodological, focusing on the application of quantitative techniques to social science data.

Current Research

Current projects include a study of the racial attitudes of African American, Latino, and white youths; and an examination of African American and Latino views of the American Dream.


PhD Penn State University, 1981



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Classes Taught

Undergraduate Courses:
SOC 2101 - Social Research Methods 
SOC 2102 - Techniques of Data Analysis
SOC 2170 - Class and Inequality in American Society
SOC 2179 - Race and Minority Relations
SOC 4195 - Senior Research Seminar

Graduate Courses:
SOC 6230 - Sociological Research Methods 
SOC 6231 - Data Analysis
SOC 6245 - Race Relations