Professor Sangeeta Prasad Featured in The Washington Post

December 1, 2021

The Washington Post Article with an image of Fellonte Misher, Sangeeta Prasad, and Aaron Young

The Washington Post did a feature piece on Fellonte Misher that includes the work of our very own HSSJ professor, Sangeeta Prasad, and her co-founders (Misher and Aaron Young) of the nonprofit In The Streets. In it, Sangeeta mentions HSSJ students who assisted her. The article “From the football field to changing the therapy field” was published by Theresa Vargas referring to violence in Washington, DC and the lack of resources available for individuals affected to express their trauma. 

Congratulations to Sangeeta for this recognition for the amazing work she and the others do! And we are so fortunately to have her as a teacher and a mentor in the program!