Mohana Mukherjee

Mohana Mukherjee

Mohana Mukherjee

Part-Time & Visiting Faculty


Mohana (Mo-haa-naa) Mukherjee is a sociologist specializing in crime, cyber-criminology, and youth conflict. With over a decade of experience in the field of sociology, particularly in the realm of crime and deviance, she has undertaken comprehensive research on a wide array of subjects. Her research pursuits cover a range of themes, including investigations into school bullying, youth conflict dynamics, the intricate interplay between sexual assault and criminal conduct, as well as cyber-criminology with a specific focus on cyberbullying and image-based sexual harassment.

Hailing from Kolkata, India, Mohana's academic journey began in the field of crime and punishment. Early in her career, she delved into understanding how disparities in resource allocation within K-12 schools in Kolkata, alongside instances of discrimination within social groups, and interpersonal violence among peers, collectively contribute to the emergence of patterns of school bullying. Subsequently, during her Master's program, she embarked on an exploration of the societal dynamics that contribute to conflicts between youth groups in urban Kolkata. Her research unveiled the ways in which these dynamics shape perceptions of violent crimes, including sexual assault and rape. For her doctoral studies, Mohana relocated to Canada, where she specialized in Cyber-criminology. Her research examined the vulnerabilities faced by teenagers and young adults in the digital realm, emphasizing the hermeneutics of these cyber-risks from the perspectives of school educators and proposing alternative interventions such as Restorative Justice.

Drawing on her diverse experiences from India and Canada, Mohana's teaching approach is enriched by over 12 years of interdisciplinary engagement with Sociology, Criminology, and Cyber-criminology. Presently, her focus lies in probing the phenomenon of Image-Based Sexual Harassment online and exploring its legal ramifications, while also delving into the perspectives held by law enforcement authorities. Additionally, she analyzes the utilization of restorative justice as a means to grasp its effectiveness as an intervention approach for mitigating the cyber-mediated risks faced by adolescents.

Mohana pursued her undergraduate and master's degrees in sociology at the University of Calcutta, India. She distinguished herself as the top student among various undergraduate colleges in Kolkata, earning her two gold medals in recognition of her commitment to academic excellence. She was bestowed the honor of National Scholar, securing fellowships from the Government of India for her exceptional academic performance spanning five years. Her pursuit of a Ph.D. in sociology led her to the University of Calgary in 2017, culminating in her successful defense of her doctoral thesis in November 2022. During her graduate studies, she garnered recognition as a distinguished student in the Department of Sociology, in addition to being awarded the Teaching Excellence Award for the 2020-2021 academic year, as voted by the undergraduate students at University of Calgary. Her career as a formal sessional instructor in Kolkata, India, as well as at the University of Calgary and Northwestern Polytechnic in Alberta, Canada, has significantly contributed to the refinement of her pedagogical insights and awareness of the importance of effective teaching practices.

BA Sociology, University of Calcutta, India

MA Sociology, University of Calcutta, India

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Calgary, Canada