Hiromi Ishizawa

Hiromi Ishizawa

Hiromi Ishizawa

Chair and Associate Professor of Sociology

Core Faculty


Office Phone: (202) 994-6897
801 22nd St. NW Washington DC 20052

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Professor Ishizawa spent two years as a post-doctoral research associate at the Minnesota Population Center (MPC) at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests are in the areas of social and family demography, immigration, sociology of language, and urban sociology. Her research focuses on the understanding of how immigrants integrate into American society. In particular, her work emphasizes the influence of context, such as family and neighborhood, on the process of integration. She has published work that examines many aspects of immigrant integration, including minority language maintenance, civic participation, health, sequence of migration within family units, intermarriage, and residential settlement patterns among minority language speakers. In addition, she conducts research on another immigrant destination country, New Zealand. Her work focuses on residential segregation and patterns of ethnic neighborhoods among recent immigrant groups and the indigenous Maori population. Additionally, her research project examines life satisfaction among immigrants in Japan.

  • Built Environment and Immigrant Health
  • Linguistic Incorporation across and within Immigrant Generations using Linked Censuses
  • The Role of Social Capital in Explaining Volunteerism in Japan 
  • Life Satisfaction among immigrants in Japan
  • Mental Health Consequences of Parental Incarceration among Adolescents


Undergraduate Courses:
SOC 1000 - Contemporary Immigration and the Changing American City (Dean's Seminar)
SOC 2101 - Social Research Methods
SOC 2102 - Techniques of Data Analysis
SOC 2169 - Urban Sociology
SOC 2174 - Sociology of Immigration 
SOC 4195W - Senior Research Seminar

Graduate Courses:
SOC 6230 - Sociological Research Methods
SOC 6231 - Data Analysis
SOC 6252 - Immigration and American Cities


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Other Publications

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PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006