Combined BA/MA in Sociology

The Department of Sociology offers a combined degree option for undergraduate majors who would like to continue their education in the field. The program enables students to earn both a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Master's degree in Sociology within five to five and a half-years by counting some coursework toward both degrees.

Students who are admitted to the program are able to take graduate courses during their senior year, and 9 credits will count toward both the BA and MA degrees. This allows for a considerable cost and time savings, and also helps our department retain and further our engagement with our best students.

Click here for a downloadable outline of the Combined BA/MA Sociology program. Students interested in applying for the combined degree program in Sociology should see Professor Antwan Jones, Director of the Graduate Program in Sociology, for more details ([email protected]; Phillips Hall 409-C).

Students interested in matriculating into the 5-year BA/MA program:

  • must have an overall GPA of 3.40 or better at the time of application;
  • must have a GPA of 3.50 or better in the major at the time of application;
  • must apply to the graduate portion of the program no later than April 1st of the junior year after completing at least 60 undergraduate credits;
  • must complete both an application form for the dual-degree program and the formal application for graduate admission;
    • The application includes the applicant's statement-of-interest in the program, a writing sample, three letters of recommendation, and full transcripts of all undergraduate coursework.
    • Three letters of recommendation from faculty members are required. At least two of these letters must come from faculty in the Sociology Department at GW. Letters from Teaching Assistants are not acceptable.
    • Applicants are not required to submit GRE scores.
    • Students need not pay the application fee for the MA.
    • Students should submit all application materials to the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Sociology, not to CCAS.
  • must earn a "B" or better in all graduate courses;
  • must complete a thesis as required of all MA students in Sociology;
  • will be informed of acceptance into the program in late spring of their junior year.


In addition to the general curriculum requirements of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Sociology majors must satisfy the following requirements (39 credits total):

  • Prerequisite Sociology Course either SOC 1001 or SOC 1002
  • Required Courses in Sociology
    • Sociology 2101    Social Research Methods
    • Sociology 2102    Techniques of Data Analysis
    • Sociology 2103    Classical Sociological Theory
    • Sociology 2104    Contemporary Sociological Theory
    • Sociology 4195    Senior Research Seminar
  • Seven additional 2100-level courses in Sociology, including two from the 2160s-2170s courses.

The MA Degree requires each Graduate Student to choose one Major and one Minor in either, Social Inequality, Urban Sociology, or Criminology.

  • Three Methods courses: SOC 6230, SOC 6231 and either SOC 6232 or SOC 6240/MGT 6383.
  • Two Theory courses: SOC 6238 and SOC 6239.
  • Two Thesis courses: SOC 6998 and SOC 6999.
  • Two Major Field courses, one Minor Field course, and two other departmental graduate courses:
    • Social Inequality
      • SOC 6245: Race Relations
      • SOC 6246: Comparative Race and Ethnicity
      • SOC 6248: Race and Urban Redevelopment
      • SOC 6252: Selected Topics
      • SOC 6263: Race and Crime
      • SOC 6265: Women, Welfare, and Poverty
      • SOC 6268: Race, Gender, and Class
      • SOC 6271: Gender and Society
      • SOC 6273: The Sex Industry
      • SOC 6286: The Law of Race and Slavery
    • Urban Sociology
      • SOC 6248: Race and Urban Development
      • SOC 6250: Urban Sociology
      • SOC 6252: Selected Topics
      • PSCI 6211: Urban Politics
      • PSCI 6212: Urban Policy Problems
      • GEOG 6243: Urban Geography
    • Criminology
      • SOC 6258: Deviance and Control
      • SOC 6259: Criminology
      • SOC 6260: Special Topics in Criminology
      • SOC 6262: Corrections
      • SOC 6263: Race and Crime
      • SOC 6264: Organized Crime
      • SOC 6273: The Sex Industry

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