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Michael R. Wenger

Professorial Lecturer
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Address: Phillips Hall
801 22nd St. NW
Washington DC,
Phone: 202-789-3539x301
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Michael R. Wenger, an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Sociology at George Washington University, is a Senior Fellow at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the nation's pre-eminent research and public policy analysis institution focusing on issues of race.  He also serves as an Editorial Consultant to FOCUS, the Joint Center's bi-monthly magazine.  At the Joint Center he was the founder and Director of NABRE (Network of Alliances Bridging Race and Ethnicity), which linked community-based race relations/racial justice organizations across the country for the purpose of facilitating communication and interaction, both electronic and face to face, among their leaders.  The network's mission was to cultivate and nurture local leaders as they build and sustain alliances that break down barriers of race and ethnicity and transcend these barriers in all sectors of civil society. 

Prof. Wenger also has served the Joint Center as Acting Vice President for Governance and Economic Analysis, Acting Vice President for Communications, and program consultant.  From September, 1997 to October, 1998, Mr. Wenger served as the Deputy Director for Outreach and Program Development for President Clinton's Initiative on Race. He was responsible for the development and implementation of programs designed to broaden public support for President Clinton's vision of One America in the 21st Century--a more just, inclusive and unified America that offers opportunity and fairness for all Americans.

Prof. Wenger also has served as the States Washington Representative for the Appalachian Regional Commission, Commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Employment Security, and Deputy Commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Welfare.  His volunteer activities include memberships on the National Advisory Board for the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation at the University of Mississippi and on the National Advisory Board of the Center for Community Trust Building of Hope in the Cities in Richmond, Virginia. 

He also serves on the Washington DC City Council Policy Advisory Council and on the Board of Directors for the League of Black Women.  He is a winner of the Bender Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty at George Washington University, a frequent speaker on race relations, and the author of numerous articles on race relations.


BA Queens College, City University of New York, 1965


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Classes Taught

SOC 2170 - Class and Inequality
SOC 2179 - Race and Minority Relations
SOC 2181 - Institutional Racism: Policies and Prescriptions
SOC 6245 - Graduate Seminar on Race