Honey W. Nashman Award: Leah Cohen

Outstanding Scholarship in the Field of Human Services & Social Justice

Leah Cohen

I found the HSSJ program my second semester at GW and as I look back more than three years later I could not have more gratitude for the professors and peers I worked with and learned from. My time in HSSJ brought me to Miriam’s Kitchen, Francis Stevens Elementary School, Tanzania, and back into the GW residents halls.  The opportunity to have these communities as my educators motivated me to reach for excellence. As I moved imperfectly through these experiences I learned to challenge my own assumptions, ask questions, and listen.

The HSSJ program helped me develop a framework for interpreting and participating in the world around me and I hope adding my voices to the conversation helped others do the same. The things I have learned through HSSJ showed me the power of thoughtful service on a large scale and in random moments and have left me hopeful as I transition out of GW. Thank you to the professors and peers who have taken this journey with me.