The Impact of Law on Society

Law is everywhere in our lives. It shapes what it means to be female or male, a child or adult, a citizen or non-citizen. Law determines the quality of our water and food; the rights we have to sue or be sued; how we are protected by law enforcement or from law enforcement. Law is too important to all of us to be left only to lawyers and legislators. Whether someone is interested in law school or a career in law, or wants to improve their undergraduate skills—a minor in Law and Society helps enhance what you know, what you do, and how you do it.

Minor in Law and Society

The interdisciplinary Law and Society (LSoc) minor is housed in the Department of Sociology and is open to all qualifying GWU undergraduates. Download the Law and Society Minor application form.

The minor is structured as follows:

Admission to the minor requires a 3.3 minimum GPA, based on at least 30 credit hours of coursework at GW

18 credit hours (excluding prerequisites)
--With the exception of prerequisites and PSC 2988, no more than two courses from a single department may count for the minor
--No more than two courses may be counted for both the Law & Society minor and any other major or minor

Three (2) required foundation courses (9 credits):

SOC  2167  Sociology of Law (3 credits)

PSC 2988  Internship in Law and Society (3 credits)
*Note: SOC 2167 and UW 2031W must be taken prior to or concurrently with PSC 2988.

At least one (1) secondary foundation course selected from the following (3 credits):

AMST 1160  Race, Gender, and Law

PHIL 3142  Philosophy of Law

PSC 2214  U.S. Constitutional Law and Politics I

PSC 2215  U.S. Constitutional Law and Politics II

Two (2) elective courses selected from the following (6 credits):

Any of the secondary foundation courses listed above

BADM 4101  Business Law and Ethics

ECON 3190  Law and Economics 

HIST 3370  U.S. Constitutional History

MAE 3171  Patent Law for Engineers

PSC 2213  Judicial Politics

PSC 2444  Public International Law

PUBH 3136  Health Law

SMPA 2173  Media Law

SOC 2145  Criminal Law

SOC 5785  American Criminal Justice System

WSTU 3170  Sexuality and Law


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Meet Our Professors: Fran Buntman

Professor Fran Buntman

Living in Washington with its monuments to democracy, Professor Buntman constantly reminds herself and her students that societies are understood not only by what is highlighted, but also by what is hidden. In that regard, her passions include prisons and law, and what they tell us about power and resistance, social choice, and social change. Her teaching and research are focused on helping students grow and flourish - at GW and beyond - through learning, thinking, writing, and doing.